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Via Nuova dei Cavalleggeri n.28
I-57018 Vada (LI)

Description of Camping Rada Etrusca in Leghorn in Tuscany by the sea

La spiaggia antistante il Camping Rada Etrusca a Vada

The camping area is located in Vada, near Cecina...

Camping Rada Etrusca is located in the territory of Vada (part of the Municipality of Rosignano Marittimo, province of Leghorn), but a few kilometres from the mouth of the river Cecina and from the Municipality of the same name.
The town was once known as Vada Volterrana (or Volaterrana)  and was the port of Volterra during the Etruscan-Roman period. The name itself probably derives from the term "vadum" meaning "docking" and recalls this function.

vada volaterranaThe settlement, also mentioned by Cicero and Pliny, developed on the Vecchia Aurelia. In the town's main square there's the kilometre stone marking the 287th kilometre from Rome's Capitol Hill.

Was Vada a refuge for Saracen pirates?

Vada then became a refuge for Saracen pirates, who were known for their predations and raids. Evidence of their activities can be seen from the many amphorae and terracotta vases lying at the bottom of the sea. In fact the area is also known as the Rada del Saraceno (Saracen's Natural Harbour).
torre di VadaThe oldest and best preserved building is the Tower of Vada. It was built by the Pisans towards the end of the thirteenth century and used as a lighthouse for sailing in a section of sea that has always been very risky for its shallow and sandy seabeds. Today the Tower is an environmental education workshop and location for exhibitions.
Today the populated area is located largely on land that was once a swamp. Some areas of the town are still below sea level. In the nineteenth century the area was reclaimed thanks to the Lorena family, which turned the coastal areas into inhabitable and cultivable lands.

The Campsite has been opened since 1968 and has a restaurant and mini-market

furgone vv camperizzato alla Rada EtruscaOpened since 1968, Campeggio Rada Etrusca is located in a biogenetic reserve, in a respected and protected naturalistic environment. It is the ideal place for those who want to spend a relaxing holiday by the sea and for those who want to discover the beauties of the Etruscan Coast.

Inside the campsite you will find a bar, restaurant-pizzeria with a takeaway service, supermarket with daily fresh bread, cold cuts, fresh fruit and vegetables, playground for children, sports ground, ping pong and basketball courts.

Free super fast wi-fi and 'children friendly'

energiapulita radaetruscaParticular attention has been paid to connection: in a compliance area corresponding to the Management-Restaurant-Minimarket area, the campsite provides a "free wi-fi child friendly" service for free internet connection, thanks to an ADSL line exclusively dedicated to Campers, on frequencies of 2.4 and 5GHz (suitable for PCs, phones and even latest generation tablets).

Interno del Campeggio Rada Etrusca, dal 1968All pitches have electricity (3A) and the campground has three fully refurbished and functional toilet units.
A caravan service area and a large car park are also available.
All the water delivered to the campsite is drinkable.
Nearby there are sailing and windsurfing schools and tennis courts, while in the surrounding area there are also movie theatres, pubs and clubs.

...directly on the beach!

La seconda entrata (di tre) dal mare verso il campeggioThe Campeggio Rada Etrusca is located directly on the beach, there are no roads to cross in order to reach the beach. Access to the beach is directly from the campsite. The distance between the spacious free beach and the campsite's boundary is only a few metres, no more long walks under the pine trees with the hassle of having to lug deckchairs, inflatable boats or prams. The campsite respects nature and has a very light impact on the surrounding environment. For all these reasons at Campeggio Rada Etrusca there are no swimming pools, there is no live entertainment but only relaxing holidays, possibly directly on the beach!

Are you wondering how far the campsite is from the beach??

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decimal scale: LAT. 45.465454 LONG. 9.186515999999983
sexagesimal scale: LAT. N 45° 27' 55.634" LONG. E 9° 11' 11.457"