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Via Nuova dei Cavalleggeri n.28
I-57018 Vada (LI)

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Internal regulations for the best performance of the Campsite

...from 14.00 to 16.00 there is 'Silence', please avoid any noise that could disturb the neighbors...

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1) Messrs. campers must deliver their identity documents to the Management upon arrival;
2) Every camper is required to keep his belongings; the Management is not responsible for any reason for any theft or damage caused to tents, cars, caravans by third parties or natural disasters;
3) For the best performance of the campsite and for everyone to enjoy the best holidays, it is absolutely forbidden:
  • entry to guests of campers unless authorized by the Management and upon payment of the daily rate;
  • damage the plants and equipment of the Campsite;
  • make excavations, fences or other modifications to pitches;
  • leave papers and rubbish around or in any case outside the appropriate containers;
  • bring dogs into the campsite outside the dates on which it is allowed;
  • wash clothes and dishes in the sinks that are reserved only for personal hygiene care;
  • rinse small children or dogs in the sinks of any type of use;
  • attach irons, stoves or objects with electric resistances to the sockets of the pitches;
  • circulate inside the campsite with motorcycles with an engine capacity of less than 250cc.
  • keep radio or television at high volume or in any case such as to disturb neighbors;
  • make buildings, even temporary ones, of any kind;
  • discharge the waters and the drains of caravans and campers ashore;
  • light free fires.
4) During the rest periods, ie the afternoon one from 14.00 to 16.00 and the night one from 23.00 to 7.00, all noises that can disturb the rest of the campers must be avoided; outside these hours, however, please respect the tranquility of others;
5) the Management observes the following timetable: from 8.00 to 20.00. The accounts must be settled by 12.00;
6) The pitches must be vacated by 12.00, after this deadline the full rate for another day will be charged;
7) For stays longer than one week, contact the Management in advance to check availability;
8) The electrical connection to the camping boxes must be made with a EEC-compliant socket with a power cable d3x2.5 mmq; the available power is 660W, 3A;
9) The entry of cars into the campsite is allowed from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 17.30 to 19.30 for loading and unloading operations;
10) Cars can enter the parking lot 24 hours a day;
11) The garbage bags are collected every day from 9.00 to 11.00. Only the full and tightly closed bags placed in front of the pitch will be collected, the full bags will be replaced with new ones. It is not allowed to leave the bags in front of the pitches outside the aforementioned hours. Paper and cardboard, plastic and glass must be deposited in the appropriate bins on the campsite;
12) The removable toilets of the caravans must be emptied into the appropriate drains at the services. It is strictly forbidden to empty the toilets in the bathrooms intended for people. It is strictly forbidden to empty toilets containing chemicals that are not allowed;
13) The occupation of the pitches is subject to the effective presence of users (Article 18, Tuscan regional law of 29/10/1981 n.79);
14) The Management reserves the right to remove from the campsite those who do not comply with the rules set out in this regulation and wishes everyone a peaceful and peaceful campsite!

Learn more about Ordinance 210 on the city's website

Find out more about the RadaEtrusca Campsite in Vada

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Tel.: 0586 788344
Fax: 0586 788052
Mail: [email protected]
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Via Nuova dei Cavalleggeri n.28
I-57018 Vada (LI)
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