Toilets with hot water and shower

The RadaEtrusca campsite has a team dedicated to the constant cleaning of bathrooms 7/7 and a technical team for immediate interventions on technical failures (in all six people operating, seven days a week). Hot water comes from a solar energy plant.

Ingressi di delle docce del primo blocco di servizi al Camping Rada Etrusca in Toscana

Three blocks of bathrooms - Two dedicated teams

The bathrooms | toilettes at Rada Etrusca camping are made up of three independent blocks that can be easily reached from all pitches. The entire toilet area has been recently renovated. It is continually kept clean by our staff present every day, even Sunday, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., to ensure maximum hygiene for campers.

Find out how close the RadaEtrusca campsite in Vada is to the sea

Free hot water for showers and dishware

Each block consists of showers (with hot water and usable 24 hours a day), sinks for personal hygiene, sinks for dishes, washbasins and toilets. Each block is equipped with an independent boiler, for the supply of hot water at any time of the day to showers, sinks and sinks. Each boiler is powered by systems composed of solar thermal panels that, if necessary, are supplemented by hot water generators.
All water on the campsite is drinkable. Hot water to the services is included in the price and does not require the use of tokens. There are also special drains for the removable toilets of the campers.
The central group of toilets has an accessible bathroom equipped with handles to hold, with access without steps and some other facilities for those who have difficulty walking and moving.

I lavelli per lavare le stoviglie, tutti dotati di acqua calda al Campeggio RadaEtrusca a Vada

Coin-operated washers

Powerful coin-operated electric washing machines and dryers are available near the bathrooms. These machines are also equipped with detergent included in the price. Please contact the campsite management for tokens.

FOR HYGIENE REASONS, it is strictly forbidden to wash small children and dogs in the sinks intended for the washing of dishes.

Find out how close the RadaEtrusca campsite in Vada is to the sea

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